Inside movie in hindi | Inside movie in hindi 480p | Inside movie 480p | inside willem dafoe full movie | inside movie ott | inside (2007) full movie watch online free | inside fmovies

Inside movie in hindi | Inside movie in hindi 480p | Inside movie 480p | inside willem dafoe full movie | inside movie ott | inside (2007) full movie watch online free | inside fmovies

so last night I watched inside with Willem Dafoe and wow this movie is insane I really enjoyed it and I’m just gonna cut to the chase because I’m pressed for time I will explain every single confusing and symbolic detail of this movie in this video I swear I did my research and if you like this video please leave a thumbs up and a comment it helped so much if you want to see more of these please make sure to subscribe as well let’s get started oh theme number one imprisonment of artistry in Nemo’s opening narration we hear a story about how Nemo was asked in elementary school what three things he would save if his house was on fire as a child Nemo said he would save his cat his AC DC album and his Sketchbook and specifically wouldn’t bother to save anyone in his family and out of those three items

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that he listed the only thing Nemo still has with him is a Sketchbook so the narration closes with the line cats die music Fades but Art Is For Keeps becoming too attached to your own art or the culture of art can cause you to disconnect from the important things and the people that you were once close to Art can consume your entire life and become your only love because no one sees it and understands it the way you do and metaphorically this is what the whole premise of the movie represents Nemo is true trapped in his own love for art separated from the real world around him and unable to connect with the human beings in his environment as this opening quote suggests Nema was an artist likely a failed artist who wishes he still had his old potential he now makes it his mission to steal Ark from those who have succeeded instead of him he sketches in his book imitating the art that he appreciates and has

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fantasies of being accepted by the highly prestigious artistic communities he’s not welcomed by and we’ll dive further into these fantasies later on in this video as Nemo’s prolonged isolation pulls him further down into madness we see him interact with the art pieces around him and every interaction between Nemo and the art symbolizes something about how art affects artists and their relationship with the world around them one painting that Nemo keeps staring at is called after and before created for the film by Francesca Clemente it’s originally based on an artwork called Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth it’s about a woman who’s isolated in a field vulnerable and fearful because she cannot move the concept of the painting reflects Nemo’s desperation to reach a sense of community and love past all

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the artwork trapping him psychologically and isolating him another piece of art is a projection we see Nemo watching it’s called I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bretta baban this artwork self-explanatory symbolizes for the film how it is difficult for an artist to find love both the man and the woman are speaking to each other but are separated into two different projections never interacting in one shot and the metaphor is expanded upon as we see Nemo struggled to reach the housekeeper Jasmine who he has quickly developed an infatuation an affinity for as the film continues Nemo begins to realize the prestigious art is what is destroying him and separating him from the things that are more important so symbolically he marks the owner as a devil and the daughter and the dog as a princess an angel the daughter and the dog are the things that Nemo is separated from because he is so immersed in art as we

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see them both looking at him from the other side of the glass we also see Joanna pachowska’s Untitled series a collection of photos of small forts created with household items The Collection is about desperately Sheltering yourself even further within a domesticated society that already protects you it represents our cyclical endless paranoia from the outside world even when we should be perfectly safe and of course we see Nemo expand on this art series with the structure of household items that will raise him hopefully to freedom and metaphorically raise him to Heaven which brings me to theme number two chasing Heaven every passionate artist is always chasing some kind of heavy some artists Chase Perfection with their art some artists Chase catharsis with their art and most unfortunately many artists also Chase validation with their art they want to feel accepted and Nemo is one of those


artists there’s a scene where Nemo is having a dream where he meets the apartment owner who is hosting an event some kind of exhibit or presentation Animo is accepted and appreciated by him the owner greatly values Nemo’s input and approval artistically this is Nemo’s Fantasy on top of this he is being recognized by a beautiful woman who appears in the image of Jasmine the housekeeper but they never fully make contact with one another there’s this longing for love that Nemo will never have and likely never had because he was so immersed in his love for art and his creations and to push this theme further in the film the film features a piece by David horvitz all the time that will come after this moment it’s a statement about naively continuously looking towards the future waiting for things to improve rather than enjoying the current moment by thinking this way we are imprisoning ourselves life becomes

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a prison a repetitive monotonous routine lifeless prison just like defoe’s character is in literally right now this ties in with the artwork of the men walking up the stairs into nothing it symbolizes our lifelong await for heaven Perfection validation and before we know it death takes us away from so much of the things that we could have loved it represents our ignorance towards the simplest joys of life on Earth this is why we see Nemo chanting I’m going to heaven on the hillside in a moment of Peace but also delusion we have this fear of vulnerability and weakness in this imperfect world that we should rather be in embracing this is symbolized by the imagery of the dying injured pigeon which is pretty horrific which brings me to theme number three embracing imperfection this theme of embracing imperfection is put front and center when we are introduced to the owner’s book titled the marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake The Book represents the owner’s philosophy of Life needing a balance between the good and


the bad and that the good and the bad is not actually good or bad it’s just the balance of life we should be filled with temptation of material and superficial desires while we should appreciate the beauty of the simple things it makes us human this is what many professors interpret William Blake’s book to mean put in the simplest terms of course this is why the onus is a line along the lines of opposites need each other to create balance and Nemo takes on this belief system in the next few scenes he wears the artwork of retreat halilaj’s moth becoming his own kind of Shaman which from my research was a spontaneous idea from William Defoe as they were shooting he puts a spiral around the light of the Sun and creates his own religious practice and ceremony with household items like bolts and pillows in his

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ceremony on one side of the wall their materials crossed out and on the other side of the wall they’re not crossed out this represents that belief of balance between desire and gratitude which artists very often struggle to grasp as Nemo descends further and further into madness he ascends further and further into Freedom he slams the duct tape Man painting to the floor setting him free before he sets himself free he climbs the structure and eventually breaks

inside (2007) full movie watch online free | inside fmovies

through to the roof of the penthouse Nemo has symbolically risen to his Heaven by means of survival he is escaped from the imprisonment of artistry embraced the world’s imperfections and is one once again whether Dead or Alive reconnected with the universe all right that’s my analysis subscribe for weekly videos and please send me your recommendations and please may know what you thought about the movie Inside hope to see you again and thank you so much for watching see you later


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