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the films begins when the gods Ruled the Earth and subjugated Mortals Athena the goddess of wisdom decided to protect them alongside her brave Knights using her Cosmo the power of the Stars to defeat their enemies over time the gods withdrew becoming myths however 18 years later Athena reincarnated as a defenseless girl and a golden Knight gave his life to protect her in the present day Saya is a StreetWise boy who lives with the memory of his lost sister but his memories are interrupted by cassios who informs him that it’s his turn to fight as he heads to the ring Cassius warns him to stop dancing in a fight for real his opponent is Jackie the Beast and in the fight there are no rules anything goes until one gives up or faints but whoever surrenders will be banned from The Ring Jackie starts

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by knocking down the referee to avoid distractions and focuses on Saya but all he does is Dodge his punches which annoys cassios his anger reaches a boiling point and he decides to enter the ring and with a single kick he knocks down Jackie and then focuses on Saya yeshua’s no mercy and punishes him for not obeying although SATA tries to fight back he simply can’t the audience cheers for cassio’s name while Saya tries to regain Consciousness then small memories of his sister come back to him and suddenly the power of the cosmos surges from within him throwing cassios into the air Cassie always gets up crowned as the champion but Cydia Also Rises and after delivering a hard kick decides to escape when Sia is getting ready to leave in the locker room a man enters and tells him that someone wants to talk to him and that he knows about his past and is looking for his sister meanwhile cassios makes a call


saying he believes he’s found a cosmo boy side is directed to a dark and lonely place where almond kiddo a stranger appears and warns him that the fight has upset many people and that soon Vander garad his ex-wife who recruits warriors with special abilities for her private Army will arrive Saya must choose whether to accompany him or try to defeat Van Der garage Warriors he obviously decides to go with almond while a soldier tries to give them time but he can do nothing against vandergraw’s Warriors then almond kiddo and Sia are chased but they manage to reach mylock who was waiting for them and thanks to that they managed to reach a car but even though they thought they were safe they are pursued by air in several missiles are sent with the intention of stopping them their target is to capture Saya who showed the power of the cosmo during the fight as it approach a tunnel they are hit by a missile

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but fortunately they manage to arrive safely Saya demands to know what is happening but almond kiddo orders mylock to knock him out it turns out that when CEO is a child his sister hit him in a closet and ordered him not to come out no matter what happened suddenly an explosion occurred and several men with guns entered the room and captured saya’s sister it’s Vander garage who thanks her for using her Cosmos and in addition to taking it away decides to take her with him leaving soy alone when he wakes up he finds himself on a plane with mylock and Omen kiddo is stressed and confused by everything that has happened and demands an explanation almond kiddo introduces himself and explains that he used to be a successful businessman he shows in various historical objects

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and mentions that Athena has returned in human form and that say his duty is to become one of her Guardians sayat doesn’t believe him so he prepares to leave until almond kiddo mentions his sister this generates interest in cider and he explains that van der Gara detected a cosmos signal where he lived with his sister and she decided to turn herself in so that Sia wouldn’t be captured he also introduces him to Siena The Reincarnation of Athena she hands him a box that contains the key to the Pegasus armor as without it he will not be able to defeat garage Army Saya finds it hard to believe everything he has heard so almond kiddo suggests they have lunch so they can continue the conversation the next morning meanwhile Nero and garage arrive at kazu’s ring and reprimand him for losing Saya while say Asiana and almond kiddo have lunch Sienna is impressed by the way psya stuffs his mouth with food he then tells

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her that when you live on the streets all you do is eat as much as you can because you don’t know when you’ll eat again suddenly mylock enters and calls for almond kiddo leaving Saya and Sienna alone Saya asks what it feels like to be a goddess but Sienna explains that she is not one yet although it is just a matter of time psya’s indifference to being in the presence of a goddess upset Santa who begins to lose control suddenly everything around her darkens and the power of the cosmos begins to emerge from Siena at that moment almond kiddo returns and warns suya not to come near her as it could kill him Saya asks what has happened and Omen kiddo explains that the cosmos of a goddess is too strong for a mortal body when sensors detect a cosmic explosion the building blocks the signal to keep it hidden from Vander garad keeping Siena as a prisoner meanwhile cassio’s faces off against one of garage soldiers

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although the Soldier’s armor allows him to have greater strength and ability casio’s determination not to lose prevention from giving up then gret agrees that cassios is very strong but not enough to defeat Saya unless they use a prototype that garad is hidden meanwhile Syria and Siena talk alone Santa recounts hot when she was a baby they tried to kill her and a golden armored Knight gave his life to save her almond kiddo and Vander garad found her but Gerard was only interested in the armored technology to create weapons while almond kiddo took care of her like a father Saya talks about how his sister was gentle and strong and dedicated herself to protecting him then they talk about the Visions they have Saya decides that the silver armored Knight should train him to learn how to use his Cosmos so he can find his sister at night Nero and gurud talk about why cassios has chosen to test the Prototype Van Der garad responds that it’s because he couldn’t capture Sia during the chase Nero suggests that he can find out

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where Sia is with the help of the prisoner the soldier who helped them Escape in the morning Sada heads off with the silver Knight but before leaving Siena stops him to give him some food they have a moment of romantic tension but Matlock warns her not to get her hopes up as goddesses don’t have boyfriends almond kiddo is also surprised and asks why she gave him food and Santa responds that it might be his last meal knowing the silver Knight when she arrives he asks mylock where he should go and mylock tells him he must climb a huge and steep Mountain then Sia starts climbing in the midst of a terrible storm and when he’s finally about to reach the top he meets the silver armored Knight named Marin Saya introduces himself as the Pegasus Knight but Marin says he must be brave humble and willing to protect Athena with his life it’s in this third point where Sia has a dilemma because he’s not


there to protect Athena but to find his sister then the silver Knight refuses to train him but as Sia asks for a chance she proposes to break a stone with one blow to train him as expected he fails then the silver Saint explains that everything around him is made of the same atoms and that a knight can make them explode and Destroy any object Marin asks him to concentrate and feel the cosmos within him but memories of his little sister Cloud his mind and prevent him from breaking the stone nevertheless the silver Saint decides to train him meanwhile at Vander garage building cassios comes out transformed into a cyborg and although he easily defeats the security guards he can do nothing against garage additionally Nero has not managed to make his prisoner talk meanwhile sada’s training begins but his dance doesn’t help him much against the silver Saint who manages to disappear and reappear and easily defeat him with the power of Cosmos then Marin explains that his Cosmos is his weapon and that he must

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make it come out like a shooting star must learn to do it if he hopes to survive the approaching battle on the other hand Siena has a nightmare about the destruction of the world until almond kiddo arrives and calms her down then Sienna tells him that she saw people in cities pruning but the worst part is that it was Athena who did it meanwhile Sia’s training continues but he doesn’t improve because the night continues to subdue him later seya has memories of his sister where she promised to protect her at night Sia understands that although there is pain in his past he must find the necessary strength to face what is coming and not confuse obsession with Duty the next morning his training improves progressively and as the days pass Celia improves more and more until he reaches the point where he manages to hit the silver Knight and destroy the rock meanwhile Nero arrives with this prisoner trying to discover his greatest fear in order to break him touching his forehead he shows him terrifying visions in the morning soya

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manages to master the power of Cosmos and destroy a rock the same size as him at that moment his key transforms into a box and then into the Pegasus armor however he suddenly has a strong headache and remembers when Van Der garad took his sister and among all the memories he remembers almond kiddo which makes him realize that he was also involved in the kidnapping of his sister he then decides it’s time to leave the island Saya arrives very angry and demands answers then mylock and Siena arrive to stop him Senna decides to take him out of the house ignoring the prohibition that she leaves Santa tells psya what happened with her sister she explains that almond kiddo did it for her because when she was a child she couldn’t control the power of her Cosmos and destroyed her mother’s arms


almond kiddo used the golden armor to heal her but since then Vander garad needs Cosmos to live and that’s why she seeks children like said his sister however after realizing that Celia’s sister didn’t have Cosmos she released her but kept her under surveillance as she knew she was hiding the truth about Sia garage is convinced that Athena has returned to destroy the world and that’s why almond kiddo abandoned all the children they had captured including Sia’s sister meanwhile mylock informs almond kiddo that Gerard is approaching and they will have to escape while almond gives them as much time as possible Sienna makes Sia promise that he will stop her at all costs if she loses control garage ship arrives forcing them to flee but Sienna refuses to leave her father behind so say it accompanies


her back home an explosion occurs opening the way for grodd’s soldiers who easily defeat almond kiddos security meanwhile mylock tries to reach the ship but several soldiers prevent him so he is forced to fight them on the other hand garage arrives with her ex-husband almond and while they discuss the past Santa and Cydia arrive although almond kiddo tries to stop cassios he easily defeats him an intense battle is taking place outside between Saya and garage soldiers however in the midst of the fight casio’s appears in Syed tries to activate his Pegasus armor but for some strange reason it doesn’t work making it practically impossible for him to defeat casios meanwhile mylock’s fight is intense but he manages to defeat the soldiers one by one upon seeing more soldiers approaching they quickly enter the ship and almond kiddo tries to stop karad by launching an explosive but unfortunately he fails cyanide is

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defeated almond kiddo dies and cyanide is captured in Vander garage lair Santa Mourns the death of her father and garad regrets having to end his daughter’s life to save Humanity then garage orders Nero to begin the process when Sia regains Consciousness he discovers that Siena is no longer there in laments not being able to protect her he then falls to his knees and has a vision of Marin that makes him reflect on who he really wants to save afterwards Celia sees himself as a child promising to recover his sister when he returns to reality suya and mylock head to retrieve Siena but when they are close they are detected by the radar so sayette is forced to jump but before doing so he activates the Pegasus armor allowing him to land without any problem easily defeats the soldiers until cassios arrives who is defeated with a kick while the process to eliminate Siena is about to end ER garad regrets and decides to


cancel it although Nero disagrees and refuses to obey his orders then gerd calls his soldiers to stop Nero but Nero reveals himself as the Phoenix Knight who was once strong and brave but was corrupted by evil he manages to defeat garage soldiers and even though she tries to stop him Siena is no match for him when she is forced to fight Nero and when he is about to finish her off Sia enters and begins an intense battle between the knights the blows are so powerful that they break the crystals and destroy the buildings both Knights have a clash of powers that causes an explosion while garad with his last remaining strength tries to stop the process of eliminating Sienna at that moment Athena emerges from siena’s body and even though the Phoenix Knight tries to stop her he is thrown into the air


then Sienna manages to communicate with Saya and reminds him of the promise he made forcing him to stop her at any cost sign up with difficulty approaches her and makes her see that no fate is written not even hers then Sienna manages to take control and stop Athena when the storm stops soya has Sienna in his arms and helps her up but before leaving garage apologizes for not trusting her in Siena with the power of the cosmos returns her mother’s hands to her demonstrating that she has learned to control her powers as CNN and mylock leave Nota observes the damage they caused watched by Nero in the end Sega discovers that the Awakening of Athena will attract the ancient gods and they will be forced to find the other Knights to stop them but first they must find saya’s sister

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