Passages movie mp4moviez | Passages movie 480p | what is the movie passages about | passages’ trailer | passages movie ending | passages imdb | passages cinema | passages rotten tomatoes

Passages movie mp4moviez | Passages movie 480p | what is the movie passages about | passages’ trailer | passages movie ending | passages imdb | passages cinema | passages rotten tomatoes

[Music] you know what I was doing last night no but whatever it was you sound very excited well began with him I I saw a film Mikhail hanukkah’s happy end and and franza’s kind of incredible in that film he performs a karaoke performance of of Sia’s Chandelier and I was like that is Cinema incarnate and I wanted to write a film for France Mauricio Zacharias and I have written four other films and and we set out to do one that was for us as personal and intimate and really an actor’s film a film that’s about the intimacy but that happens on screen between two human beings in a way that the camera alone can capture we also wanted to make a film of pleasure and for me part of pleasure is desire and so each of the characters in this love triangle want something that they cannot have and that

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creates a kind of engine of of the movie it’s a propulsive engine and I think that’s what was fun to do with France I mean I knew iOS work I was very excited to read I read and it’s a very interesting colorful character that is hard to put in a box piece likable terrible childish adult he had the job but somehowing he has no you know he’s not very grounded at the same time he’s creating space but also taking space from others and I think in terms of cinematography and acting this is all you can hope for like somebody creating a lot of friction and creating drama inflicting chaos and this is what we want to experience you know on our cushion feeds it’s something very yeah very chaotic and therefore I think alive we needed to do this movie it was clear I renewed because he wrote that script for two years or I don’t know and I needed two minutes to know if my party and my husband doesn’t want to dance with

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me foreign [Music] admiring since he made a film called I’m not there with Todd Haynes in which she played one of many Bob Dylan’s in that film and he’s just a very transparent um actor who who kind of doesn’t show the work and and he can be connected to the camera in a very intimate way what’s also really interesting about Ben is he’s he’s he’s a very modest figure in certain ways except when he’s acting and suddenly he’s like as sharp as attack oh yeah right and so so that’s this kind of thrilling thing that happens Ben wakes you up um when he when he’s on and uh Adele I had uh seen in a in a film when she played a supporting role a film called Sybil um and she’s just kind of took my attention she’s like this interesting mix between the real the Earth the everyday and then the like the celestial she’s some there’s some sort of mystery you can’t really get to the bottom of her and I think that’s a great quality for a

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movie actor she’s like somewhere between Jean Moreau and Bridget Bardot true she’s also in between something intimidating and your best friend yes it’s uh yeah she’s great I mean this team of people was inspirational from the start and even though I couldn’t prepare much like there wasn’t much time I think I would have trusted me to a degree where we could just meet and you know and start creating and that felt very yeah it doesn’t happen that often I think for me it’s important actually that the actors not spend too much time like working in advance because what I want them to do is show up and bring themselves and I will give them costume and I will give them story and I will give them other great actors but really what I’m asking them to do is is is listen and be in the moment and and

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respond to each other in a way that can’t happen with a lot of forethought what I’m capturing is like what’s happening in your eyes like I can see something that will only happen now and it’s a film of the now I think about a scene the scene where Tomas and agat um uh Tomas plays a record and a song that he loves for her and she sings a song that was taught to her by her father for him and and I think about what happens because I don’t rehearse um on purpose before we start shooting we haven’t done this hundred times what you’re watching also is Adele is a capitalist sing a song for the first time in front of other people and you’re watching franzargovsky watch her sing that song and yes they are in character but also that experience happened in that moment at once and it’s totally new and and now we have it how it’s recorded [Music] one thing that I really love is a scene where they and their friends all

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come together in a country house and they start cooking together and there was a scene written in the script and we did that scene we did all the lines and we needed to do them to get to a point where we understood okay this scene is actually so complex in terms of cooking smelling tasting laughing and it’s impossible to only recreate the construction in the script so based upon this lines that work we started improvising and cooking so we really started tasting the food and exchanging little funny stories and what you see in a movie is a mixture of a prepared [Music] equipped that keeps it all together and a group of people that inspired by this script start playing around and their little moments of improvisation embedded in a structure that has been created and that is yeah something really

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precious to me when life and fiction meet and create something else I think what’s happening with gorillas you cannot change someone like him but they think what they want to do I think I’m falling in love with you say that birthday image play it when I feel it you see it when it works for you well I think for us it was a way to get to know each other too and it was a way to trust each other it was a way to have fun I mean trying on clothes for him because he also he looked really great at a lot of the gloves and and there was this kind of pleasure of putting on a show what happened soon enough is that we realized we weren’t really making a realistic film we were making an unreal film in which the costumes Elevate everything to a point of of com kind of the dramatic the impactful the emotional and so we took risks with the costumes and France made those risks seem really easy which is super interesting to me like

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most people can’t wear those clothes and then they seem to come out of a closet they would come out of like a like a circus or something but France made them seem quite um normal well they are depending on your concept of normal right right yes and we had a great costume designer yeah um and it was one of our first rehearsals so yeah and taking on and off clothes is a great way to get to know people I mean yeah quite intimate and also playful and some of these pieces are personal pieces from our her best friend’s pieces somewhere from shops in Paris so I think we could feel all this energy that was from our yeah capturing these textiles and also seeing the movie I think some of the drama unfolds between costumes it’s not always lines being exchanged little flow these costumes talking to one

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another because some of them really get along very well and others are like yeah I mean if you see them it’s like you know this is not going to work out Hadith is a guy is the costume designer really has an extraordinary eye but also really it’s an eye for drama it’s an eye for beauty but but she understands how costumes become like uh part of the storytelling in a really significant way and um she’s like Ben also she’s she’s modest and sharp right like she’s she’s there’s nothing nothing passes without her kind of involvement and approval but there has been also something



inspiring like a surprising intuitive decision making that for example the top when he visits her parents that have been like a last minute decision right well I think for me I understood that the the costumes were were a prop and that they could be used to tell a story so when I I noticed that this crop top could be worn to seduce his ex his boyfriend Martin and then oh and the next scene you’ll still be wearing that with the parents and you realize that really makes storytelling more efficient it’s it it it it it limits it down to these very distinct pieces which are part of the narrative yeah probably he knew I didn’t I was just like yeah that’s actually great to wear this to to come back home and and yeah talk to your partner but then you knew that I will meet her parents like this yep I did I’m so innocent


Passages movie mp4moviez ,Passages movie 480p ,what is the movie passages about , passages’ trailer ,passages movie ending ,passages imdb ,passages cinema ,passages rotten tomatoes

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